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1000 Paintings of Genius
Charles Victoria Manca Joseph McShane Megan
Featuring 1,000 internationally recognised paintings, this collection spans the history of art from the 13th century to the present, from the early stirrings of the Renaissance movement in Italy to the boundary-pushing experiments of the Abstract Expressionists in post-World War II America. These...
$ 5.64
1000 Scupltures of Genius
Bade Patrick Costello Sarah Manca Joseph
From antiquity to the 20th century, this sculpture collection offers a truly original vision of Western art. Here are the most sensual and harmonious masterworks to the most provocative and minimalist sculptures. Sculpture shapes the world and our concept of beauty, leaving everlasting silhouettes...
$ 5.64
30 Millennia of Sculpture
Bade Patrick Carl Klaus H. Charles Victoria Costello Sarah Manca Joseph
From its prehistoric origins to the conceptual modernity of the 21st century, sculpture has literally and figuratively moulded the art world. Offering an integral view at its evolution of form across civilisations and epochs, this work presents the masterpieces of sculpture that, with their timeless...
$ 18.22
Andrea Mantegna and the Italian Renaissance
Manca Joseph
Mantegna; humanist, geometrist, archaeologist, of great scholastic and imaginative intelligence, dominated the whole of northern Italy by virtue of his imperious personality. Aiming at optical illusion, he mastered perspective. He trained in painting at the Padua School where Donatello and Paolo...
$ 5.91
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