Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. I was unable to find music/film/a book. What should I do?

A. constantly expands its selection of available content, new items are being added daily. Please write to us about the items you wish to see -

Q. How do I download the files I purchased?

A. If your computer's operating system is Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7) or MacOS, the best way to download files is by using Rumvi Downloader (*Requires Java). You can download the program here: Quick Start Guide is available in Russian:
If you use a different operating system, click on individual links with track's names, which will be displayed after you clicked on 'Buy this album' or 'Buy selected tracks'.

Q. I installed Rumvi Downloader and downloaded files, but cannot locate them on my computer.

A. By default, Rumvi Downloader places files into folder My Documents\Rumvi.

Q. How can I download files to iPod/iPhone?

A. Open iTunes, select from the menu Add Folder to Library and find folder My Documents\Rumvi - select those folders which you wish to add to iTunes.

Q. Is it possible to purchase individual tracks from album, instead of purchasing the whole album?

A. Yes, you may purchase any individual track. You need to place a checkmark next to the track you selected and click on button 'Buy selected tracks' under the list of all tracks in the album.

Q. I submitted a payment, but my balance is $0.00.

A. After you enter credit card information and click 'Submit' - if the card is declined for any reason - you will see a message explaining why the transaction was declined. Please check whether all the data you entered is correct and try submitting the payment again

Q. I paid for a download, but it was unsuccessful.

A. You can download all content you paid for 3 times. To download the same content again, please go to the Download History page and select the content you want to download again. On the Media download page click "Recover" to mark the content for download one more time.

Q. The files I downloaded are not playing on my PC, I need to figure out how to get them to work.

A. MP3 format can be played by a number of programs, one of them - Microsoft Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows operating system or can be downloaded on the web for free. Many (but not all) stand-alone CD and DVD players made in the last 2-3 years play MP3 files as well (you can burn MP3 files to a CD-R and play them on such CD or DVD player). Microsoft Windows Media Player can also convert MP3 files into regular Audio CD files, so the burned CD can be later played on any CD or DVD player.

Q. May I pay for albums as I download them instead of paying $20.00 beforehand?

A. The minimum you may put on your balance is $20.00. Any unused amount will remain on your balance. New titles are added daily, so you may see something you like at other time.

Q. I forgot my password. What should I do?

A. Please go to Provide e-mail address you used when registering, and your password will be e-mailed to you.

Q. I use Rumvi Downloader, but wish to use a different folder for downloads.

A. Please start Rumvi Downloader. In the main menu select Edit -> Options. In the left part of the pop-up window select Core\Directory. Change parameter 'Default download folder'. Press 'OK' button in the lower part of the window to save the settings.

Q. I lost information on my hard drive. May I download one more time the files I already purchased?

A. Yes. Please go to 'Download history', find the required album/film/book. Click on the product title and you will be offered list of links for each file. You will be able to download files which you purchased earlier by clicking on 'Recover' next to each file's name.